What Are Anti-Vibration Mounts

With various types of moving machinery, an undesirable byproduct of operation is vibration. Whether big or small, vibration can lead to noise, the loosening of fasteners, performance losses, and much more. To deter vibration and any resulting noise, many applications will utilize what are known as anti-vibration mounts which can be fastened to assemblies with ease. In this blog, we will discuss anti-vibration mounts in more detail, allowing you to have a better understanding of how they work and their importance.

To most effectively combat vibration, such mounts are made from rubber materials or a combination of rubber and other substances. This ensures that vibration is not able to transfer across distances, preventing noise from emanating from various structures and appliances. While noise can be distracting, vibration poses other various risks to machinery, having the potential of reducing the lifespan, efficiency, and safety of numerous components. With increased damage, operators will have to spend more time and money for repairs and replacements, making rubber mounts very crucial for shock absorption and dampening.

When you are in the market for anti-vibration mounts, it is important that you make various considerations that will help you narrow down the best option for your needs. For example, the total weight of equipment or machinery that requires protection will determine how many mountings will be required. If the overall weight is larger, then more mounts will be needed. Additionally, the weight of the mounts themselves is also important, as well as their placement. With multiple mounts, it is important that all are distributed evenly in a way that prevents imbalance of weight. If vibration mounts create an imbalance, it can lead to various issues.

Alongside weight and size, the running speed of the machinery or equipment in question is crucial. These values will often be referred to as the forcing frequency, and this frequency can be used alongside the lowest operating speed at idle to narrow down a perfect fit. Static deflection is also crucial, that of which is the degree to which vibration mounts compress when the weight of the equipment is placed on them. With increased static deflection comes more work required by the mount. Based on the load, the correct mounting type can also be found for optimal vibration isolation. As a last consideration, one should guarantee that all equipment connections are flexible enough to permit machinery movement so that the weakening and failure of parts is avoided.

With all factors in mind, it will then come time to choose which mount you desire, and common options include vibration isolators, rubber vibration mounts, wire rope mounts, and more. Vibration isolators reduce emanating vibrations and deter noise, and they are commonly used in applications related to food and pharmaceutical processing. Rubber vibration mounts are a bit more advanced, capable of protecting equipment from vibration and shock in three distinct directions. With their resistance to grease and oil, they are often situated in automotive and marine equipment. Wire rope mounts are corrosion resistant and formulated from stainless steel, allowing them to act as a maintenance-free component for intensive environments. With their ability to operate in demanding situations, they are common for military use. Alongside such examples, one may also take advantage of other various types such as conical mounts and machine feet.

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March 15, 2021

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