A Complete Guide to Hex Cap Screws

When selecting a fastener, you must take into account your application’s specifications. Versatile in function, there are many types of fasteners, all of which  vary in size, shape, and material composition. In particular, screws are a type of fastener that is made of metal and is characterized by its male thread with helical ridges. This blog will cover hex cap screws which are a type of fastener that have a solid hexagonal head.

Hex cap screws are often used in manufacturing and construction applications. While traditional screws have a recessed drive and a circular head, hex cap screws have a six-sided head without a recess. Furthermore, the sides are spread evenly apart, creating the hexagonal shape of its head. The terms hex cap screw and hex cap bolts are often used interchangeably when describing a threaded fastener with a hexagonal head.

It is important to note that bolts are usually designed to be used alongside one or more nuts, whereas screws do not require them. Additionally, some screws can also create their own threading during installation while bolts must be installed into the existing threading of a machine or surface. These differences can make all the difference, depending on the application at hand.

With their hexagonal shape, hex cap screws provide better torque when compared to traditional variations with circular heads. However, they cannot be installed or removed with a standard screwdriver bit, such as a flathead or Philip’s head. Instead, one must utilize a ratchet and socket combination called a socket wrench. Socket wrenches allow you to fit a socket bit over the head of the hex cap screw, gripping all six sides of the head to create more torque.

Hex cap screws are often utilized as they are less likely to strip than other types. In fact, the head of a traditional screw may strip during installation or removal. If the bit is placed inside the head’s drive recess, the screw may experience damage when it is being installed or removed. In contrast, hex cap screws distribute this turning force across all six sides so that stripping is less likely to happen.

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February 16, 2021
October 26, 2020

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