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File Hand - Aerospace NSN Parts Sourcing

Veritable Aerospace maintains an inventory of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts 05853, A-A-2321 TY3, 03698, R1482, 09389, including File Hand. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we are dedicated to providing optimized parts procurement to our clients. With an expansive supply-chain network of trusted MFRs and verified PMAs and strict quality control measures, we offer the fastest turn-around times on the market.

Additionally, we maintain a NO CHINA SOURCING pledge for all parts we distribute and ensure that each part retains its required certs and fit, form, and functionality set by its warranty. Ready for a quote? Simply fill out an instant RFQ form to get started.

Manufacturer's List of File Hand

Part Number's List for File Hand

Part No RFQ
05853 RFQ
A-A-2321 TY3 RFQ
03698 RFQ
R1482 RFQ
09389 RFQ
A-A-2320 RFQ
41196 RFQ
A-A-2441 RFQ
02465 RFQ
5110-00-241-9134 RFQ
05026 RFQ
08704 RFQ
09469 RFQ
5110-00-273-0122 RFQ
04995 RFQ
A-A-2316 RFQ
DWG5110-00-388-3367 RFQ
04795 RFQ
10124778 RFQ
5110-00-241-9140 RFQ
21118 RFQ
10225 RFQ
5110-00-233-9709 RFQ
03863 RFQ
5110-00-239-3270 RFQ
08737 RFQ
00187 RFQ
5110-00-241-9133 RFQ
05225 RFQ
09099 RFQ
14341 RFQ
08799 RFQ
06867 RFQ
05094 RFQ
07688 RFQ
0707 4709 RFQ
01964 RFQ
03467 RFQ
MS30672-10 RFQ
04762 RFQ
81-13950 RFQ
05738 RFQ
06084 RFQ
5110-00-595-8295 RFQ
GGG-F-331 TY17 RFQ
14255 RFQ
06742 RFQ
06117 RFQ
06836 RFQ
GGG-F-331 TY22 RFQ
5110-00-233-9681 RFQ
08354 RFQ
73-37450 RFQ
03599 RFQ
04729 RFQ
A-A-2446 RFQ
01327 RFQ
5110-00-241-9166 RFQ
5110-00-239-7748 RFQ
A-A-2444 RFQ
53067 RFQ
07084003 RFQ
41582 RFQ
91117 RFQ
08832 RFQ
06601 RFQ
05804 RFQ
A-A-2455 RFQ
138-30 RFQ
08768 RFQ
5110-00-239-7626 RFQ
05675 RFQ
05125 RFQ
73-37450 SIMONDS RFQ
08560 RFQ
051144-80836 RFQ
A-A-2321 TY2 RFQ
07081705 RFQ
5110-00-239-7590 RFQ
14290 RFQ
07657 RFQ
06804 RFQ
15-223-10 RFQ
02082 RFQ
6210J RFQ
KS2663L1 RFQ
DWG5110-00-709-2931 RFQ
01798 RFQ
08416 RFQ
02230 RFQ
14106 RFQ
05968 RFQ
5110-00-293-0275 RFQ
12967 RFQ

Relevant Components for File Hand

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